Alien: Covenant x Audi Lunar Quattro

Audi presents a suspenseful short film featuring the Audi lunar quattro as an integral part of the Alien: Covenant colonization mission.
An unidentified presence in the ship’s Terraforming Bay prompts it to investigate what might be lurking in the dark. 

Exploring the unknown. The Audi lunar quattro. With intelligent technologies.

Agency: 3AM
Managing Partner, 3AM: Alison Temple
Executive Producer, RSA Films: Jules Daly

Production Company: Collider
Director: Matthew Thorne
Executive Producer: Rachael Ford-Davies
Producer (Collider): Ainslee Wood
Producer (Alien: Covenant): Hannah Ireland
Director of Photography: Ross Emery

Editorial: Wild Card AV
Editor: Joe Bellino, Dan Doolan

Cole: Uli Latukefu